Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer 21sh May 2012 with Nunhead American Artist Randy Klein!!

21 May 2012 R. Klein, Dixon - Our best show ever. The Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer with only one guest, Nunhead American artist Randy Klein. Two guests, if you count Chris Dixon, who we were able to mike up and he put in his two cents. That makes him very, very happy.

Who remembers what we spoke about other than who is more New York Jewy?  Randy or me? Or is it Randy and I? I still don't know and I am going to stop caring.

And how hard it is to get a guest for any radio show. Chris Dixon answers this query.

Lisa Moyle answered the Jew test and the answer was that she is only Jewish around me! 

Enjoy this show. Its rollicking. 

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21st March 2011 Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead with Multi-Talented artist Dominic Frisby and Catford-American Norman Welch!

Welch Frisby - What a lovely show! Join the Voice of Americans, the only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead as we welcome Kansas City Missourian Norman Welch to our program and the return of English performing artist (Standup, voice overs, straight acting, producer) Dominic Frisby! How refreshing it is to hear men talk about raising children, as all three men are fathers (albeit divorced dads who have experience much tumult in their lives.)  Norman Welch, who now lives in Catford, one of the sister-cities of Nunhead, and is a screenwriter, author and nascent playwright, coined the term "The Almost Man" which is how his child sees him - having felt that he almost achieved so much. But don't all men feel that way? That we "could have been a contender"? And Dominic spoke about how felt that if took after the children's emotional side, the intellectual side would take care of itself. Something I thought was correct, up until the age of seven, when you've got to beat knowledge into them. Sadly, I am probably wrong! Lovely Lisa Moyle, our Co-Host agreed with Dominic completely. Chris Dixon was still out on Assignment so efficient and intelligent Leanne Bower ably did the Tech. This show was fun to do. I hope you enjoy it, too.