Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 4th April 2011 with Nunhead American Robin Schacht and English Lady, Actor and Comic Jo Romero!

Another thoroughly enjoyable show with four beautiful women in our studios in Nunhead Heights (actually Borough, London - it's all SE!). Nunhead American Robin Schacht is originally from Washington, DC, as in Direct Current, which is ironic, because Washington is the home of Politics and nothing is ever 'direct' in Politics. She chatted with us about her recent trip representing Nunhead the African country of Uganda. How exotic it all sounded but I wasn't moved to want to leave my Nunhead. She was joined by the very exciting Jo Romero, who is a friend for life because of her open and out-going personality, so very American. She relayed details of her trip to New York City, a city, which she said she didn't like at ALL, which surprised Co-Host Lisa Moyle and me. The truth be told, she rented a room in Washington Heights, not at all similar to Washington, DC. It would be like making a visit to South London and not staying in Nunhead!  Lisa gave a report on Tara Smith having her baby and moving back to the Upper East Side, which is one place that Jo might have stayed, and then we had a lively chat about how the British do not like to be touched. All very funny!  Chris Dixon was suffering from vocal illness so Leanne Bower sound-boarded us again, and added quite nicely to the program. A lovely show! ENJOY! 

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 28th March 2011 with comic David Hardcastle, Industry Exec Wayne Saunders and Nunhead Borders Musician Jeff Miller!

Another thoroughly enjoyable show but this time with three big guests!  Join Lewis Schaffer and co-host Lisa Moyle in welcoming, in no particular order, Nunhead Borders and American musician Jeff Miller for a solo appearance without his Hackney Collier Band. He MP3'd their single "Africa" and it sounded AMAZING.  Second up is David Hardcastle, the Bradford England comic and comedy club promoter. He was here promoting his new comedy venture, The Leicester Square Working Men's Club, and his old venture, the comedy night "Get Happy at the Leicester Square Theatre. Finally, we chat with Mr. Wayne Saunders, another person who took on the role of promoting Lewis Schaffer's career, only to realize it was a lost cause. He wouldn't say this directly, he being charming and very English, coming from The Wirral, which sounds similar to "The Bronx" in its charm. Three lovely people, plus the beautiful and talented tech person Leanne Bower  (our Chris Dixon being away on assignment) and gorgeous co-host Lisa Moyle who gave a much-valued report on Nunhead American Randy Klein's and Michael Holland, guest of the show's film. Enjoy!

21st March 2011 Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead with Multi-Talented artist Dominic Frisby and Catford-American Norman Welch!

Welch Frisby - What a lovely show! Join the Voice of Americans, the only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead as we welcome Kansas City Missourian Norman Welch to our program and the return of English performing artist (Standup, voice overs, straight acting, producer) Dominic Frisby! How refreshing it is to hear men talk about raising children, as all three men are fathers (albeit divorced dads who have experience much tumult in their lives.)  Norman Welch, who now lives in Catford, one of the sister-cities of Nunhead, and is a screenwriter, author and nascent playwright, coined the term "The Almost Man" which is how his child sees him - having felt that he almost achieved so much. But don't all men feel that way? That we "could have been a contender"? And Dominic spoke about how felt that if took after the children's emotional side, the intellectual side would take care of itself. Something I thought was correct, up until the age of seven, when you've got to beat knowledge into them. Sadly, I am probably wrong! Lovely Lisa Moyle, our Co-Host agreed with Dominic completely. Chris Dixon was still out on Assignment so efficient and intelligent Leanne Bower ably did the Tech. This show was fun to do. I hope you enjoy it, too. 


Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead of 25th October 2010 with Nunhead American Becky Allen!

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead!  This week with Nunhead American, Coloradan, and artist Rebecca (Becky) Allen. We talks about art and Nunhead!

Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 14 June 2010 with Nunheader Rebecca Allen!

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead is the only radio broadcast in the world for Americans living in Nunhead! This week we are joined by new Nunhead American, the beautiful Rebecca Allen of Ivydale Road! She is an artist, mother and a Nunheader, having moved in from East Dulwich! Listen and enjoy me, Lewis Schaffer, co-host Lisa Moyle and producer Chris Dixon!

The Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 24 May 2010 with Harmony Ridgely!

Voice of Americans, the only radio show for Americans living in Nunhead, welcomes Harmony Ridgely, a beautiful Colorado American girl who lived in Lower Nunhead at the time of this broadcast. She, sadly, has since moved, but what a charming girl she was. With Chris Dixon and Lisa Moyle. We talk about how an American girl gets such an American name!

Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 3 May 2010 with Randy Klein Bank Holiday Special!

Non-studio show. Here we've aired the special Nunhead Hannukah Christmas special show - taped in Randy Klein's art studio in Nunhead. Randy Klein is an American, a New Yorker, an artist and a Nunheader and he gives us a tour of what he's working on - making Lewis Schaffer envious with his success at being a working and successful artist. With Chris Dixon, Lisa Moyle and her kids, and I think with my children as well. After all, they are at least 50% American, too!

Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 19 April 2010 with Chuquai Billy!

Lisa Moyle is back! American Chuquai Billy who lives in London, comedian and American Indian or as he calls himself 'Pre-America'! God Bless America! Talking about 'Red Indians'. Our 'Thanksgiving' Special.

The Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 12 April 2010 with Jeff Miller and Steve Parry!!

Forest Hill American and musician Jeff Miller joins Englishman and comedian Steve Parry! We hear a bit of Jeff's band The Hackney Collier Band and talk about politics and Steve Parry's political show. Oh, Steve Parry is really Welsh and is a very good guest, no matter what I am saying on-air. Lisa Moyle isn't here!

The Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 22 March 2010 with David Randall-Goddard!!

David Randall-Goddard, American and musician from East Dulwich  and plays music from his band 'Widescreen'.