12 Nov 2012 Nunead American Radio with Nunhead Yank Jeremy Operer and Yank Tax Specialist Liz Zitzow!!

12 Nov 12  Jeremy Zitzow Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer - Nunhead American Radio. The only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead and for all Nunheaders.

Our UK / USA tax special with our favourite guests,  Nunhead American Jeremy Operer and American UK tax specialist Liz Zitzow at BritishAmericanTax.com.  Plus, our House Band, the Dulwich Ukulele Club with Richard Guard, Anna Crockatt and Peter Hudson. It is all brilliant micro-broadcasting all about me and Nunhead and my guests.

Lovely co-host Lisa Moyle. With Chris Dixon on the desk. Our best show ever!!!

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Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 21st February 2011 with Nunhead football coach Steve Scanlon and Nunhead American Jeremy Operer!

With Steve Scanlon, a founder of Nunhead's Athenlay Under 8s Football Team, where my son sometimes attends. We talk maths, we talk football. He joins our friend and Show health and safety expert Jeremy Operer, a Nunhead American!  Both are very, very funny. And lovely Leanne Bower and co-host Lisa Moyle!

Voice Of Americans Christmas Special! 17th December 2010!

How amazing is this show?!  The Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead do something new - well Chris Dixon and Leanne Bower did it - a LIVE REMOTE from the Old Nun's Head Pub in Nunhead. Our show, the only show for Americans Living in Nunhead goes live and it was an amazing live EVENT!  Join Lewis Schaffer and Lisa Moyle, Co-Hosts in listening to our musical guests: ROLO McGINTY and THE WOODENTOPS accoustic project, TIM SIDDELL aka Boycott Coca Cola Experience, EDORI FERTIG and the Sunnyside Up Band, American Art Terry of Resonance FM. With Nunhead Americans Jeremy Opperer, Carolyn Kohl, Randy Klein, Pippa Graber, Robin Schacht and Jeremiah.  Enjoy! Thank you Leanne Bower and Chris Dixon for making this a reality - it wasn't easy at all!

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 18th October 2010 with Robin Schacht and Jeremy Operer!

 Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer with special guests, Jeremy Operer, Nunhead American from Detroit, Michigan and Robin Schacht, Nunhead American, originally from Washington, DC!  With lovely co-host Lisa Moyle and competent producer Chris Dixon. Listen to Americans a long way from home enjoy each other's company. The only radio show for Americans living in Nunhead.  Enjoy!

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 12th July 2010 with Jeremy Operer and Tim Siddell!

The only radio program in the world for Americans living in Nunhead. The Second Coming of Nunhead Musician Tim Siddell, Boycott Coca-Cola Expericence and Nunhead American Jeremy Operer, of Detroit, Michigan! We talk about my losing that Radio 4 competition about the best city in the world (no brainer: New York! but no, it lost!).  Tim sang a song, Jeremy was funny, as was Lisa Moyle, who always is but I don't like giving her too much credit for the good of the show, and so was Chris Dixon, the producer. Radio!

The Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 15 March 2010 with Jeremy Operer and Matthew Osborn!

Jeremy Operer, Nunhead American discusses private education and social mobility with private school educated English comedian Matthew Osborn

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 11 January 2010 with Charmian Hughes and Jeremy Operer!

Show Number 12 ! First show of the Spring Season. Lisa Moyle, our co-host, is here. Chris Dixon is out and in his unreplaceable place is Hannah. Lovely Nunhead Borders English comic Charmian Hughes is here and making a repeat appearance (where I call him 'Jamie') is Jeremy Operer, American from Nunhead!

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 16-11-09 with Jeremy Operer and David Randall-Goddard!

Our first shows with Jeremy Operer, a Nunhead American originally from Michigan and David Randall-Goddard, Artist, American, East Dulwich Borders resident!  We discuss English casual racism!