4 February 2013 Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer and Guest Hannah Warman and Nunheader Howard Francis

4 Feb 2013 Warman Francis Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer. The only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead and for all Nunheaders, with a special focus on the increasingly in-demand area of Nunhead Heights.

Sorry for the delay in getting this up - it is up now though I have forgotten what happened. You listen and tell me. 

 What an amazing show! Chris Dixon sitting in as my co-host for the night. Lisa Moyle is off doing something. I hate change and you can hear my panic. Our guests tonight are the beautiful very funny English comic Hannah Warman and Howard Francis of the Nunhead Voice, a community action group. He discusses the plans for the new Nunhead Green Community Centre. Or it it Nunhead Village?

Plus Jonathan Schwab, my German filmmaker is in the studio and Peter Hudson's German girlfriend.

The fantastic Dulwich Ukulele Club. Thank you Laura Synthesis, our Nunhead American Radio Listener Representative for her input - this lovely poem!

Looking down on Peckham from Nunhead Heights,
Lewis' film crew may lead to fights
The weather forecast passeth all understanding
A new Nunhead Green arts centre is landing
It's the 19th best show they've ever done!
Instead of Lisa Moyle was Chris Dixon

Resonance needs your donations
Yanks are adopting new nations
It's Nunhead American Radio, accept no imitations.

Handsome Claudio ran the deck. Still brilliant broadcasting! Our BEST SHOW EVER!

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