Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer 26 March 2012 with Nunhead Elderly Helper Martin Soan and Comedy Blogger John Fleming!!

26 Mar 2012 Soan, Fleming  Our best show ever. Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead. The only radio show for Americans living in Nunhead. Accept no imitations. Co-hostedby lovely Lisa Moyle, from East Dulwich and somewhere near Peekskill, New York.

He is joined by the man who no one knows what he does - John Fleming. Promoter of the Malcolm Hardee awards? Big time blogger? Comedy promoter?

Guests this week include Nunheader Martin Soan, entertainer, variety show promoter, and volunteer for the Southwark Circle. The Southwark Circle is an organization that helps the elderly and the infirm do things that their families should be doing for them, but don’t do because these needy people have alienated their families with their selfishness. Martin Soan gets naked for Southwark Circle - why he needs to get naked, we don't know - but it was for a good cause.

Also on the show is John Fleming, blogger, comedy know-it-all and friend of Malcolm Hardee. John didn't know that he was appearing on the show. I did not tell him as to save him from becoming a nervous wreck. And on the show, he doesn't say a thing.

One man naked. The other not speaking. Classic radio!

With Chris Dixon doing the hard part, getting us on the air!

Y’all listen in!


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