Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer 16th May 2011 with Nunhead American Ivan Dedek and Scottish Photographer Peter Cattrell!

16 May '11 Peter Cattrell, Ivan Dedek - Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead!

Ivan Dedek of Nunhead and Upstate New York, has reported that he found three more Americans in Nunhead, bringing the Known Number of American Nunheaders at 11! How brilliant is that!

Professional photographer Peter Cattrell of Nunhead Borders and the official photographer of Lewis Schaffer, makes his first appearance on our show. 

Lisa Moyle is at her funniest and in the absence of Chris Dixon and Leanne Bower, tech man Lee Stapleford ably takes over the deck.


Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 28th February 2011 with Nunhead American Ivan Dedek and American Jessica Radtke Marshall!

With Upstate New Yorker [Worchester, midway between Albany and Binghamton] Ivan Dedek who now lives in Nunhead! We now have 8 Nunhead Americans. How amazing is that? We are joined by visiting American Jessica Marshall, who Lewis Schaffer knew when he was the house MC [or compere] at the Boston Comedy Club in New York back in the last century. An exciting and sparkly show! Our best so far! With co-host Lisa Moyle and Chris Dixon!