The Voice Of Americans 31st January 2011 with Englishman Paul Fleckney and with American Indian Chuquai Billy!!

Join Lewis Schaffer and Lisa Moyle and all of Nunhead in our discussion with Englishman Paul Fleckney, the editor of London comedy website London is Funny, and American Indian comic, musician, and new-found Catholic. With lovely Chris Moyles, who is not supposed to be there and Leanne Bower, our fantastic soundperson.

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 22 November 2010 with Comedian Neil Masters!

Voice of Americans is joined by Neil Masters, American, Californian, with Scottish mother, comedian and  Brighton, Sussex, UK resident! The only radio show for Americans living in Nunhead, and we're going through a period without much about Nunhead. But that doesn't mean Nunhead American listeners aren't loving it. With lovely co-host Lisa Moyle and professional and entertaining Chris Dixon. 

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 20th September 2010 with writer/producer/pr whiz John Fleming!

This was an experience where we invited a guest back for the second time, a week later, because I made a hash of it the first time. I love this guy.  John Fleming, writer, producer, film producer, et cetera is our solo guest this week. I spend most of the time doing the news, as far as I can tell. John is one of those wonderfully messy English people who insist they are Scottish, and who knows me very well, having helped me with my 2010 Edinburgh show and other projects. He is exceptionally articulate and bright yet easy to be around.  Only one guest, but still lively. With Chris Dixon and Lisa Moyle. 

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 13th September 2010 with Writer/Producer John Fleming!

This was the first show that John Fleming, writer, producer, film producer, et cetera was our solo guest. John Fleming is a writer, producer (Killer Bitch with Katie Price's ex), blogger, and PR whiz. With Hannah Brown sitting in for Chris Dixon and our lovely co-host, Lisa Moyle.