Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 28th March 2011 with comic David Hardcastle, Industry Exec Wayne Saunders and Nunhead Borders Musician Jeff Miller!

Another thoroughly enjoyable show but this time with three big guests!  Join Lewis Schaffer and co-host Lisa Moyle in welcoming, in no particular order, Nunhead Borders and American musician Jeff Miller for a solo appearance without his Hackney Collier Band. He MP3'd their single "Africa" and it sounded AMAZING.  Second up is David Hardcastle, the Bradford England comic and comedy club promoter. He was here promoting his new comedy venture, The Leicester Square Working Men's Club, and his old venture, the comedy night "Get Happy at the Leicester Square Theatre. Finally, we chat with Mr. Wayne Saunders, another person who took on the role of promoting Lewis Schaffer's career, only to realize it was a lost cause. He wouldn't say this directly, he being charming and very English, coming from The Wirral, which sounds similar to "The Bronx" in its charm. Three lovely people, plus the beautiful and talented tech person Leanne Bower  (our Chris Dixon being away on assignment) and gorgeous co-host Lisa Moyle who gave a much-valued report on Nunhead American Randy Klein's and Michael Holland, guest of the show's film. Enjoy!

Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 15 November 2010 with the Hackney Colliery Band!

The only radio program in the world for Americans in Nunhead! We have an entire band - The Hackney Collier Band - with American and Nunhead Border resident Jeff Miller.  With lovely Lisa Moyle and Chris Dixon! The best show ever!

The Voice Of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead 12 April 2010 with Jeff Miller and Steve Parry!!

Forest Hill American and musician Jeff Miller joins Englishman and comedian Steve Parry! We hear a bit of Jeff's band The Hackney Collier Band and talk about politics and Steve Parry's political show. Oh, Steve Parry is really Welsh and is a very good guest, no matter what I am saying on-air. Lisa Moyle isn't here!